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Artificial Cells, Soft Matter and DNA Nanotechnology


Hi there! We are a group of science enthusiast trying to learn something about the fascinating physics, chemistry and biology of complex nanoscale systems.

We use DNA nanotechnology to explore  fundamental soft-matter and biophysics phenomena, but also to build new materials and develop tools for optical nanoscopy and biomedicine. We like to combine DNA nanotech with concepts of soft matter physics to build artificial cells - which are fully synthetic objects constructed from the bottom-up to replicate some of the behaviours of biological cells. We think that, in the long term, these micro-robots will unlock new and disruptive solutions in biomedicine and manufacturing, but we are also keen to use them as models to better understand biological systems.


We have a number of active research lines: from the development of new DNA-based building blocks for the self-assembly of functional materials, to optical nanoscopy to artificial cells. Learn more about our latest research updates! 


We really are a mixed bunch! We host students and researchers with very diverse background: Physicists, Chemists, Nanotechnologists, Engineers, Biologists. Find out more about us, and bear in mind that we are always looking for enthusiastic students and post-doctoral researchers to join the group! 


Have a look at our most recent published works and access journal links, full text, datasets, experimental protocols and shared software.



Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

University of Cambridge

Cambridge CB3 0AS

United Kingdom

Email: ld389 [at]

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